Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Vizz Da Blizz - Naana Neeya


Vizz Da Blizz, MC Loga(Hyperkinetics), DJ Hazel, Phat Babu, G-Tha, Demolution Squad & Boy Radge

Track Listing
1. Naana Neeya (Tamil)
2. Kathalthana
3. Shankara008
4. Naana Neeya (English)
5. Unnai Ninaichen
6. Sollave Illai
7. Silar Kathal Panni
8. Naana Neeya (Malay)
9. Naana Neeya (Minus One)
10. Sollave Illay

Psycho.Unit - Rabbit Provoked

PSYCHO.unit GRAVEYARD.inc RABBIT.macfuk This is where all the PSYCHO.unit listeners and also the PSYCHO.people around the world meet up. PSYCHO.unit is all about music and crazee stuffs. There will be links and information on PSYCHO.unit's progress and latest s*** from us. so peeps, we'r the unit, Our latest/debut album is on sale called the PSYCHO.unit's RABBIT's Provoked. Its fully lyrically explicit hip hop album, wich is not like the one u listen latety from some ********az out there, in this tracks, we did our best to make our indian friends to have a chnge in thier lyf, no matter how many songs in our malaysian albums is more to adivce, ppl wont hear, and now we have a big solution for this.. Thats y underground.. If yall think its an useless album, u can do wat ever u think on us, well our tracks is about some guys or backstabbing friends, about some of our gurls behaving durty a.k.a **********es, baby nurins murder, how to save money/prevention from ah longs wich ends up with suisides, some advice in our style or concepts and other 9 tracks more..

Dr.Burn - Zurazamharam

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

{Single} Yen Nanbaney

Vocal & Lyrics by : Dj Gan
Designed by : Kon Roy
Produced by : Yilangovan (Unity X Production)
Recorded at : Goldwave Studio

MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps VBR

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[8.18 MB]

Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr.Burn - Alai Osai

Album : Self-Titled Debut
Label : Alai Osai
Lyric : Dr.Burn
Music arrangement : Dr.Burn
Music : Lawrance
Genre : Hip-Hop
MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps VBR

01. Intro
02. Sutantiram
03. Petru Valartha
04. Manasu
05. Gaiyatiri
06. Enni Naan
07. Palase
08. Anbe
09. Enai Naan
10. Dr Burn feat Guna -Kuthali
All songs in two rar Download Part1 (98.1MB)
All songs in two rar Download Part2 (26.8MB)
Download both part1 and part2 and extract

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Dhilip Varman - Iru Kangal Pesum Song

Artist : Dhilip Varman
Song : Iru Kangal Pesum
Year : 2009

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Iraj Singles - Kannale

Song: Kannale
Artist: Iraj feat Mahathi
Song: Thiruda
Artist: Iraj feat Chinmayi, Psychomantra, Bullet Benjamin
Music: Iraj

MP3 Bitrate: 320 kbps VBR

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[15.18 MB]