Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Psycho.Unit - Rabbit Provoked

PSYCHO.unit GRAVEYARD.inc RABBIT.macfuk This is where all the PSYCHO.unit listeners and also the PSYCHO.people around the world meet up. PSYCHO.unit is all about music and crazee stuffs. There will be links and information on PSYCHO.unit's progress and latest s*** from us. so peeps, we'r the unit, Our latest/debut album is on sale called the PSYCHO.unit's RABBIT's Provoked. Its fully lyrically explicit hip hop album, wich is not like the one u listen latety from some ********az out there, in this tracks, we did our best to make our indian friends to have a chnge in thier lyf, no matter how many songs in our malaysian albums is more to adivce, ppl wont hear, and now we have a big solution for this.. Thats y underground.. If yall think its an useless album, u can do wat ever u think on us, well our tracks is about some guys or backstabbing friends, about some of our gurls behaving durty a.k.a **********es, baby nurins murder, how to save money/prevention from ah longs wich ends up with suisides, some advice in our style or concepts and other 9 tracks more..


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